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Executive Premium Details.

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Interior Details

The Standard Detail. Car $100 Truck/Crossover $120 Van/SUV $150  

The standard interior detail includes light trash pickup and a thorough vacuum. Next is an air purge of all dust and debris with 160 psi tornador velocity air duster. After that all your hard surfaces and cupholders are steam cleaned. Next is an enzeyme and oil based shampoo to clean any surface layer staining on your upholstery (if you have leather or vinyl seats a dedicated cleaner is used). The last step is to clean all glass and touch screen surfaces and apply interior protectants.

Pet Hair.$100

The complete removal of pet hair and dander is extremely labor intensive and requires this step to be done before any other part of an interior detail can be preformed and adds 2 hours to any detail.

Upholstery Extraction or “shampooing”. $100-$300

Extraction is a method in which dirt and grime is flushed out from upholstery most commonly refered to as “shampooing”.  The shampoo may break the bond of the stain and lift the stain but the stain may be excessive and it needs to be extracted or flushed out instead. This is extremly labor intensive and can take up to 8 hours.

Leather/Vinyl Seats. $100

This is typically taken care of by the basic interior detail but if its needed then steam is the only answer to deal with extremely stuborn grime.

Smoke Removal. $300

This service takes 24 hours and is designed to kill the smell not mask it. First step is a virucide which kills smoke smell this is saturated in every nook and cranny then extracted this is done twice. The vents are steam cleaned and a Ozone machine is ran for 3 hours while circulating with your ac to flush out any tar.

Exterior Details

Basic Exterior Detail. $100

First your engine is pressure washed and protected. Next your wheel wells and wheels are Detailed and protected. Last the body, door jams and gas seal are washed with a rinsless wash solution and dried off with a gloss enhancer.

Ceramic Spray Coating. add $100

This is a 12 month coating that offers amazing gloss and hydrophobic qualities it also has an anti static component that resists dust keeping your vehicle cleaner longer.

Boat and RV. $20 per foot

Hand Wash and Machine applied AOI(all in one) cleaner polish and wax. 

Black Trim Restoration. $100

All trim is scrubbed clean of dirt and oxidation with a secret sauce then coated with a 2 year ceramic coat to restore and protect that black satin look.

Hard Water Spots. $300

Hard water spots that have been left to bond and adhere to paint are extremely stuborn if you have tried all the tiktok and facebook hacks and they havent budged then the only fix is a “scuff and buff” this is the only solution to positively remove water spots.

Headlights. $50

Wet sand and”buff” to restore them and a 4 year ceramic coat to protect them.

Paint Restoration/Defect Removal/Paint Enhancement. $100-600

Pricing is delegated by sections their are six sections each sections is $100. First the front which is the hood, bumper and front wheel pannels. The next section is the roof which is split driver side and passanger side. The fourth is the driver side door pannels the B pillars the A pillars the mirror and rear wheel pannel. The Fifth is the passanger side door pannels the B pillars the A pillars the mirror and rear wheel pannel. The sixth is the rear end.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic graphene or SI02 is a resin enamel once fully cured to a surface it hardens into glass. This coating has 4 major benefits. First it is extremely durable some coatings can last up to 12 years and its the only product that can prevent sun damage to paint and PPF (clear bra). Second it creates a non stick surface preventing the bonding of road film and the etchings of bird droppings and bug guts. Third it is anti-static resisting dust from the road and from the rain cutting down maintance time and keeping your vehicle clean and glossy longer. Last is the extreme gloss that made ceramic coatings world famous and changed the industry forever.

5 Year Coat. $500

9 Year Coat. $1000


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