The True

OEM Method

Not all vehicle details are equal.  The vast difference between what you want and what you get in the vehicle detailing industry is directly linked to the method, techniques, strategies, tools, temperament, attitude, and work experience of the detailer.  There are specific methods used to bring you to a 93% Satisfaction Guarantee, in addition to the consideration of your vehicle’s current condition and its “real-world” potential.  Below, you will learn a little about the methods, processes, techniques, and tools used to care for your investment.

Treat yourself and your investment to a True OEM Detail!

CO-Founded by Professionally Trained Craftsman

Learn a little more about why it is safe to let us touch your paint and interior.  With Executive Car Detail Inc. you are in the best of hands!

The Clean Standard

No half measures, a surface is either clean or it’s not. There is no middle ground.

The Sacred Secret

True OEM detailers know we do not clean, but we transform what is undesirable into that which is worthy.

True OEM Mastery

Cleaning a car is only 10% of the detail. The application of all the high-end products is what separates a detailer and an OEM master.

Paint Shine

We use the latest ceramic technology. Our exterior shampoo is ceramic infused for the best and longest lasting shine. We have 3 levels of ceramic protection for all desires and budgets. 

Interior Care

We utilize all the latest steam and air powered tools to clean the most soiled interiors for anyone on a budget. Our brushes and oils will clean protect and restore all leather types from daily drivers to high end exotics.

Exotic Onsite Mobile Detailing

The Facts

Vehicle detailing is as important as engine maintenance. The overall curb appeal of a vehicle dictates resale value.  Low miles and curb appeal are kings in the automotive game. The right detailer will transform losses into gains.


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